Bottom Seeker #2 is available in 4 sizes: 3 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7.5 kg.


7.5 kg is the preferred choice among hard-core deep sea trolling fishers. The weight is so heavy that the water pressure on the wire almost does not affect the actual depth of the weight during fishing - even when fishing at great depths.


6 kg is a relatively new size on the market. It does not strain the downrigger itself as much as the bigger weight. But it is heavy enough to cover most of the fishing.


5 kg is the all-round weight, which is suited to most type of deep sea trolling. Some trolling anglers use this size for fishing at 80 feet or even deeper because it gives the lure a more lively passage through the water. However, at that depth you have to compensate for the water pressure on the downrigger wire, which drags the weight some feet up from its determined position.


3 kg is best for fishing from smaller boats in smaller lakes or near the coast in the sea where you do not fish as deep and/or at lower speed.


The weight of each size is printed in the rubber on the Bottom Seeker #2.


Water resistance

The Bottom Seeker #2 downrigger weight has a hydrodynamic design, which provides minimal water resistance. The precisely balanced weight ensures that it is only the front of the weight, which breaks through the water. In addition, there is no more water pressure on the Bottom Seeker #2 than on led balls of similar weight. Actually less! And remember - Bottom Seeker #2 is lead free!


The rubber cape

Bottom Seeker #2 is covered by a thick a very durable industrial rubber. The cape is 3 mm all over the weight and there is no opening in the cape, so no water will pass through.


Bottom Seeker #2

Bottom Seeker #2

Bottom Seeker #2 is the new lead-free downrigger weight.


The core is casted in steel. The tail is cut by laser from a thick steel plate and is casted into the core. The suspension is made by a shaped steel profile which is also casted into the core. Hereafter the entire weight is covered by a massive rubber coating which is effectively protecting all metal parts from the water. It makes no difference if you use the weight in salt or fresh water. The water will not affect your weight. The weight will not get damaged if it hits a rock during fishing. The rubber coating is glued very tightly to the steel-core and will endure both rocks and other types of wear and tear.


The rubber not only protects your weight - it also protects your boat if the weight swings into the side of the boat during fishing in rough weather or if you accidently drops the weight in the cockpit.


In other words: With Bottom Seeker #2 you will get and extremely strong and durable weight, which will cope with the rough treatment from trolling fishing and at the same time your boat is protected.



Bottom Seeker #2 is so far available in yellow and black.

downrigger weights

The suspension

The connection between the weight and the hook tied to the downrigger wire is a very solid suspension of acid proof stainless steel that is fitted around a steel core casted into the core and imbedded in rubber. So the rubber coating is 100% water tight and will allow no water to pass through - no even by the suspension. At the same time the suspension is very flexible. This is clever! It means that the suspension will not be in the way or bend during transport.


The tail

The tail is laser cut from a solid steel plate and hereafter casted into the core. In the biggest sizes of 7.5 kg and 6 kg, respectively, the tail is cutted from a 4 mm plate. In addition comes 3 mm rubber layer on each side of the tail. This gives a very strong and solid tail.


The hole in the tail is also 100% water resistant. There is a soft rubber edge around the whole tail which makes it smooth and easy to use the tail for carrying the weight. Some prefer to attach the release clips in the hole in the tail, but we recommend that you attach the release clip directly to the suspension of to the wire in a stacker a little above the suspension in order to avoid the weights' passage through the water.


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