Snap-on Diver

Snap-on Diver is a brilliant little helper for the boat angler who wants to fish different depths in the upper prts of the water column. Snap-on Diver drags your lure down to between 2 and 7 meters below the surface depending on the speed of the boat, the dimension of the line and the type of lure.


It is very easy to use. All you have to do is to push the button on the back side of the diver, put the line into the head of the diver, release the pressure on the button and give the head a light push. It takes only 1 second and your diver is attached to the line and you can start fishing i the prefered depth. And when you get a bite the diver is just as easy to get off the line again and you can fight your fish freely.


Watch the demo here:




This gives many advantages:

  • The diver dives fast and effectively
  • There are no knots on the line
  • The special design of the head ensures, that the diver has a good grip on the line and does not slide on the line during fishing
  • The diver works well with both nylon and braided line
  • The diver does not harm the line
  • The brilliant design allows the diver to drag to both sides
  • Very quick shift of color
  • Very quick to in- and decrease the distance between diver and lure
  • Very easy to take the diver off the line with fish on
  • The diver is an effective weed catcher which ensures longer fishing time on days with much floating weed in the water
  • Easy to place the diver away from the lure on days with calm weather and shy fish
  • Under other conditions a diver closer to the lure will act a an attractor




Snap-on Diver is available i 5 different colors:


























Snap-on Diver is available in 4 different sizes:

The different sizes will drag your lure to differnt depths. In the scale below you will find approximated depths depending on the type of lure, dimension and type of line and the speed of the boat. An Apex-type of lure which has relatively high water resistance does not fish as deep as a Toby-type of lure of 35 gr.


The scale shows depths for a Northern King M80 fished on a nylon line 0,40 mm and a boat speed of 2,0 knots.

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