Brilliant new stacker!!

(Kommer på Svenska senare)

STAX is a great new stacker which offers you the highest degree of flexibility when you are trolling.


  • STAX sits firmly on the wire
  • STAX releases automatically when it hits the downrigger during hauling
  • The clever little split ring ensures that STAX stays on the wire and follows the wire down to the weight after releasing. And it passes any stoppers on the wire easily.
  • More than one STAX on the wire releases as they comes up and are gathered by the weight. They are very easy to set again.
  • STAX is easily removed from the wire when you are done fishing.
  • We have not met a single downrigger that does not work with STAX!


Put the wire into the slot and tighten the lock by pushing the button.


It doesn't get much easier!

The release arm can be activated from both sides of STAX. So it doesn't matter which side of STAX you use or if you are left- or right handed.

STAX releases every time it hits the downriggeren!

Attach your favorit grip to STAX at the back end ring.

The small split ring is an important part of STAX. It is easy to put on the wire just by pushing the wire between the jaws and twisting the split ring.

This way STAX stays on the wire until you want it off the wire again. Just seperate the jaws slightly and twist the split ring a little. It is very easy, simple and secure.

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